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Reviews of Alvaro M. Rocha's music single Stay

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And so, fire the song up and have a blast going through the good and the bad, 20 different reviews, and my reactions to them, in the non-italics text:

Tight trance/EDM song. I love the sounds that were put together to make a trippy sort of relaxing track. I also love the soft vocals used. Even though she is just talking she has a pretty, soothing voice. It's stuck in my head, so that is a good sign! I would love to own this song and hear more from this artist.

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Throbbing synth washes kick things off in epic fashion. "Stay" we're told "don't go away". A good beat for dancing, but not much else, with some piano and electronic flourishes. This lacks the energy to keep the attention of listeners using their ears, but if you're just trying to shake your rocks off, this may be for you.

I wanted to keep it minimal so the complex chords would not be unaccessable to the more "lazy" ears and the classical piano (in a techny track) would stand out.

Good electronic instrumentation. The piano riff is nice. The vocals are very strange, but it grew on me very quickly. When the song picks up, I feel like the listener might be expecting a little more, but again, this grew on me quickly and I enjoyed the openness of the faster drum beat and the absence of vocals. Creative track.

Most people think it ends abruptly but that is exactly the message of the song, things end (actually is things change, there's a positive message behind for those more enlightened). And when you don't want them to, it always seems sudden.

This song sounds very techno yet entertaining. I really enjoyed the piano playing as well. I think I would have enjoyed it better if there wasn't a lady talking, otherwise I enjoyed the track. It's a very soft techno song.

I kinda like the lady. :-p

The spacey intro was captivating. The rhythm is easy liked and deep. The me,lady is strange and well organized. The vocals are odd and artistic. This production is club worthy. The quick rave style tempo is elegant. The harmony is experienced. And the lyrics are crafty.

Thank you.

A mesmerizing instrumental that started off with an enchanting vibe to it with the keyboard and violin tunes to it. As the narration joins in setting up the mood of the instrumental really well with her "just stay" lyrics to it. The instrumental changes to a more emotional upbeat tone with the added in keyboard which I find is stimulating and meaningful. The transition from start to finish is just beauteous. The creator of this instrumental is definitely a genius.

Who am I to differ... :-)

I really enjoy this song. It makes me feel happy and like I want to get up and dance a little, it actually made me rock my chair and move my feet. I think the sound is a bit too flooding though, it just sounds like too many sounds at one time. But besides that the beat is very catchy.

The pads are wide and big, and besides the chord progression complexity, this was one of the reasons to keep the mix kind of minimal.

The beats starts off very different in this song. The artist did a great job delivering the message. The lyrics are simple which makes me want to hear more from this artist. The chorus is strong and not complicated, I can't stop repeating it. Powerful voice behind the beat.I like the uptempo feel it has. It might be a hit.

Erm... Might? :-)

This song grabbed my attention with the first note. I enjoy the musical arrangement and the drumbeat. That was about it though. I did not like the spoken word at all. I couldn't imagine this song on the radio. Maybe at a dance club with the musical arrangement but it's definitely lacking vocally. I am not a fan of spoken word. It was worth listening to the one time to experience a musical sound I had not heard before but I can't imagine listening to this again. Perhaps if there were some singing or multiple voices.

I do have more things if you wish to give them a try. The thing here is the "shy/fragile" factor is being enhanced, and so there are not many words or a confident "singing". Otherwise the music would not end with a door slam. :-p

This song harkens back to late 90's early 2000's techno. Definitely nostalgic for former ravers. The piano is useless for the rhythm of the song though. The lyrics and voice get repetitive after awhile, the song sounds like one excessive intro. The opening beat should be the artists inspiration for the remainder of the song.

It is faithfull to early dream techno models of old, which was intentional since I'm portraying a classic woman profile feeling missplaced in the current times. I tried to keep it short and add elements progressively but if you thing is contemporany electronic dance music, it is certainly not following current structures (although it has a couple of build-and-drop moments) and it's huge sound dinamics (unusual in this genre) don't rely on air blowed bass. You could say I was traying to make classical music rapped into classical EDM. A classic... sort of. :-D

The song has a trippy, space vibe, its quite enjoyable. The mastering could use some work, it sounds like the song is not in its final version. The mixture of piano and a techno feel was a very good one. The synths could have sounded better, they had a very amateur sound. The beat did not really mix well with the other instruments. It was a bit too loud and should be softened. The song was very repetitive.

Although I can almost relate (remember, the intention was going for minimal), the work on the mastering was done by one of the best audiophile studios in the world, however, my mixing style is arguably not your typical "loud and proud" since I like my dinamics faithfully retained. It's the final version of the song. The "amateur" sounding synths are a Korg Kronos (accross-the-board undisputed top of the range synth today) and a Yamaha CS-80 (early 80's top of the range, used by Vangelis, which can set you back a hundred grand, if you are lucky to get hold of one). The beat is faithfull to the keeping the dinamics principle. so when the music gets really loud, it sounds shy, and when the music is calm, it sounds loud. It is purposefully missplaced as said above, for contrast with the classical music chord layout. To put it in artistic ways I wanted a beautiful music (the beautiful girl) to have a sort of shy/insecure/delicious fragile feminine thing to it... thus transpires in the mix process decisions too. It was made to sound like a promise of what it could be, much like the lyrics convey - what if you'd stay?

I really like how mythical and mysterious both the vocals and background music sounds. I'm enjoying the background music but wish that there were more vocals and lyrics along with it. The swishing sounds sound great and the vocals are a perfect sound for the background music.

As said above, keeping speech to a minimum was an artistic decision to enhance the characters indecision, pardon the pun.

A decent Keyboard intro with a smooth and relaxing style! the song literally encourages you to stay and not walk away! after the intro a medium tempo techno like beat continues for the remainder of the song with some dazzling effects. The vocals are minimal but good and effective for the songs structure. Give it a try as one of the lyrics says!

Yes, give a try. Stay!

Nice piano at the start,nice beat, women's voice at the start was nice as well. very peaceful nice music. Cute i'm relaxed i gave it a try & i like it!. Not much more to say about this.

What? Not much more? How dare ya? :-)

Pros: -Love the intro! Piano and arpeggios blending smoothly -Clear lyrics and easy-to-understand topic -Nice use of instrumentation and effects -Good progression of beat elements towards the end Cons: -Chords are repetitive, needs more varied chord progression -Lyrics are too simple and lacking in substance -Kicks and the beat need more impact -Needs more transitions

The whole song changes through eight chords, one per bar, whereas most dance music is monochordic (as in, they only have one chord), varying would add to it's already complex harmony and I wanted it kept simple within it's style. Kicks and beat, some think it's loud, some think it's lacking but it's there for contrast and pace, almost tongue in cheek, not to honour the EDM power-boom style but to bring a classical woman into a modern world.

The sound mix to this track is well average for stuff that is played for today and in the now music of things. The audio quality is well dynamically balanced, stable, clear with clarity and in depth. The instruments are well played professionally. The tempo beat does vary speeds quite seldom. This sounds like something you would hear in a soft core porn or something you would have to take drugs to enjoy more deeper.

I don't endorse drugs unless you're very highly developed in psychic terms. As for the soft porn remark, well, it is a song that hints of breaking up (or not beggining at all) which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole porn thing...

What a relaxing and healing performance. Would recommend it to my friends, cause I'm in love with it. Female vocal was a little distractive, but still original and very confident. Instrumental accompaniments were smooth, varied and so well-shaped.

Recommend please!

I like the way it came in with the wind chime sound and incorporated a piano. The vocals come in and sound good. It sounds like something you would hear in a art gallery. Has a lot of expression. The beat changes with a slow sound on the piano but a fast beat behind and sounds good. I like how the change was incorporated good.

So, it does change... :-)

I like the sound effects at the opening of this tune. They immediately tell you what kind of song you will be listening to. The tempo is really good, I like the constant beat in the background. It is really intriguing. The lead vocal, who is speaking through the song is good, and she is feeling her words. I really like the band on this tune. The chords that are underneath the speaking are really pretty. I like the recording quality. The lyrics are interesting in that there were not a lot of them. I am not sure what you would use this song for, except for perhaps a movie. I do like the melody line, though.

Yes, it was intended for a soundtrack, that's what I do.

Enjoyable and relaxing intro with the piano and electronic effects. The vocals aren't that appealing and distract the listener from the melody that settled in from the start. Maybe add some lyrics that are more meaningful or actually sung or a chorus, rather than a voice saying a couple of sentences. I think only Laurie Anderson managed to pull that one off successfully and it's been a while since.

Vocals are not there to appeal or reppel, they are there to convey a message (as is the rest of the music) which (the girl's message) should be pleasant but it's target (the male) is ignoring. It's that beautiful seducting stress I'm trying to convey. Laurie Anderson, that awsomeness of talent, curiously enough, never crossed my mind while producing the song. For those more elevated the song actually portrays the unconscious mind acting out of love and the conscious mind rejecting to aknowledge it's existence. Too deep, I know... :-)

The piano at the start sounds sweet. I also like the synth too. I like the sexy voice of the girl. The piano melody sounds real nice. The added sounds as the song progressed is great. This has a romantic feel that I like. Also it is danceable.

Romance and dance, and perhaps summer sunset lounges, exactly what I was going for on the surface. And it's not just the girl's voice that is sexy. :-)

And so, there you go, just showing you marketing rule #1 is so true, you can't please everyone, but I'm pleased at the reactions, they seem fair. Be sure to check out my site:
Thank you.

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