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Review of Alvaro M. Rocha's music theme Syncretism

You may also listen to the track at [select Syncretism].

Here are the reviews on Syncretism, and since, amongst the good and the bad, they are pretty unanimous and on the money - it's after all a classical orchestral style, so one can't bring in many stereotypes, empty some (what the hell os the) niche related blabla's and call it a day - even though even in this music I believe someone wonders where I'm going with it style wise!

Anyway, the reviews will go uncommented because they are rich in explanation and lift few if any artistic doubts. Some consensus seems to point that the theme is short, speculating it may be due to the fact the music was designed for a purpose. They speculate right, it's true, it was taylored to fit a (rather short but to the point progressively growing emotionally) trailer.

So, without any further ado, enjoy 20 different reviews:

"This music sounds like it was written a motion picture score .. it sounds like sountrack music done by John Williams at first but the background opera singers make it sound more like an old time orchestra .. I luv the Disney sounds .. it reminds me of Fantasia .. the music also reminds of the soundtrack to Camelot .. it's a very enchanting sounding piece .. I think it could win an Academy Award for best song from a movie."

"Perhaps Hollywood will take this one, as it clearly sounds like a sound track from an Adventure movie. This reminds me of a Julio Englisias Track. The string section is smooth with flutes and french horns. The cellos are keeping a pulse as there is the murmur of a tympani. Then a voice in the soprano range sings one note with a chorus singing what sounds like Latin. The music suddenly stops. What I explained was documentation as the music was playing. There is nothing more to write about, because they stop playing the music. I wish there was more as the track gave me a pleasant feeling."

"The slow build up of the instrumental is engaging. It set up this curious appeal to the instrumental. As it gradually goes on, the added beat of the violin and the keyboard, makes it more of an upbeat tone which is fantastic. I personally feel that the transition between these different element of beats to this instrumental is done superbly. The creator of this instrumental is creative and a genius for mashing them all up together."

"This song has a very cinematic start to it you should pitch this to Disney or something. Maybe a game also because sounds kind of action packed also i like it. Keep the nice sounds coming."

"The instrumental opening to this composition sounds as if it belongs in an animated movie or a video game. The horns in this orchestra create a mysterious vibe throughout the composition, the wood winds adding a whimsical flare allowing the imagination to drift somewhere fantastical. The chanting choir I didn't think I liked at first, but as the composition progressed I decided that the chanting choir added to the imagination of the piece, and I like it from there on out. "

"This composition was very well put together, very professional, and while I don't see this song becoming a radio hit, at least not outside of it's genre, I do believe many animation studios would love to use a musical piece such as this within a production, or possibly even a performing stage production. I loved this piece, and I give it an 9/10."

"The intro made me immediately think of disney musicals in a good way. I like the slow start, and I especially like the music after that first break. It sounds like music that might be in a Harry Potter movie or right before a battle scene. I feel like this music could serve many purposes and I really like the chorus. It made me think of Lord of the Rings as well, and I think that music like this could be really successful in any situation."

"Ohhh, I like it. It takes a while, but it builds nicely to an almost chant. Beautiful melody with little zippy trills in it. The song ebbs and flows nicely. I could listen to this for a while even not knowing what they're saying. I'm guessing this would be excellent on a soundtrack.. I would have liked to have heard more of the drum at the end interspersed throughout the song though."

"The introduction sounds like it could be the beginning of an action movie. I enjoyed the flute and quick sounds coming from it. The voices sound like a catholic choir and are a bit scary. This song definitely elicits emotions. The voices of the singers sound very melodic. They harmonize very well and the instruments compliment the voices very well."

"The intro opens with elements reminiscent of the studio credits at the beginning of a movie. The horns and harps fade into a dramatic instrumental landscape that sounds like something right out of a film soundtrack. The subtle percussion and underlying string elements give the song really nice pacing, while the choral vocals and other instruments layered over the top create an inspiring melody. All elements are well recorded and well mixed. In spite of all this, I'm not sure this song really knows what it wants to be. It is cleanly recorded and dramatic, but misses the mark on what makes an epic score epic. No part of it really lodged in my mind and made me imagine any kind of scene. All of the components for a great epic movement are here, but they haven't quite come together in the right way. The professional quality of the recording, however, suggests to me that whoever composed this is engaged with their work and on the right track. As far as commercial value, outside of landing in the score of some other medium, I can't see this song becoming particularly popular."

"Begins with a horn stab from a yet unmade Hollywood movie and continues with that theme. Breaks into a little Gregorian chant. Sounds like a movie score for sure. Has some classical elements in there. Seems like it could be used for different purposes."

"The intro feels too much like I'm sitting in a theater for the opening up a new harry potter movie. Excessively lengthy and boring. This melody would best be suited to an online game in which you're mindlessly swinging a sword at a dragon to epic battle music."

"Great opening. Catches the attention and has the listener wanting more. The added melodies continue to hold the listeners attention until the horn feature comes in to solidify my attention. The flourishes add to the mystery of the piece, and regardless of the language spoken by the vocals, it all adds to the musicality."

"This piece starts out briskly, not too much volume with a very nice, but small crescendo. The adagio really sets up choir of voices which sound rich and thick without being over bearing. The haromonies of the voices are nicely spaced and give a great texture. As these pieces (compared to pop music) start out slow, I would have like to hear as I felt at that 90 second mark the piece started to head in an interesting direction, and I would likely have given it a higher a value had I been to hear that first movement. However, still, I must give it a seven based just on what I heard."

"What an amazing orchestra! I can totally imagine this being played in a Disney movie or something! Really amazing sounds from all of the instruments and the singing. Everyone does such a wonderful job. They all go together so well, with such harmony. I would love to hear a longer version of this or hear it again. It is truly amazing."

"The instruments starting this off come off epic in a science fiction kind of way. The audio quality is well crisp and evenly balanced. The melody has hope, onward voyage with courage for the beyond and unknown. The tempo is well medium and perfect speed for this serious and epic music. The voices in the start come off very well good. This would be good for movies, soundtracks, and on NPR at times."

"Sweet and very Disney like introduction. I feel like I'm on a battleship. Nice tempo with the trumpet and flutes. Very beautiful. The vocals are deep and melodic. I love this song and it's barely started. It's very inspiring and motivational. I could listen to this song all night it's lovely.
 I love the movie effect intro it has. Sounds like I'm in a theater. I love all the theatrical effects coming in. The fast sound that quickly rises randomly. Sound like a movie that's about to have a battle. I like the sound of the vocals that come into this with a church like sound."

"Sounds like the beginning of a 20th century fox movie. This would be a good score for a sci fi flick . The orchestration is nice and the key. IT's just a little weird to add the chants with the instrument choice. It just got confusing"

"This is excellent! This sounds like something I would hear in an adventure movie I loved the orchestral arrangements and the choir everything was just really nice. It definitely gave me the mental image of exploring mountains or hills and almost gave me a Lord Of The Rings kind of feel. I love the harmony of the orchestral arrangements everything was tight."

"This is very good instrumental. It sounds like it could be on a kid movie for when they are fighting against another. This one belongs in a movie or kid show.It sounds like when they show a kid movie and they about ready to fight that where this instrumental belongs."

Hugs and Kisses,

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Reviews of Alvaro M. Rocha's music single Feel

You may also listen to the track at [select Feel].

It is a deeply humbling experience going through reviews of your work, specially when the listeners are not in the context of when the song (and why it) was created. Mind you that the song is reviewed as if released in 2014 with the current market status quo as a reference.

Note that I, in a weird way, actually can relate to each one, but again, one must contextualize and thus I do here. I've included the bad reviews too, for the sake of transparency and to let you know what one has to hear in this line of business. Use them to gain strenght, and strenght you should gain for every critic as within itself at least a hint of truth.

So, fire the song above and fly through 20 different reviews, and enjoy my reactions to them, in the non-italics text: 

The Good

"This is a futuristic track. It can be a good dance track with a nice beat and arrangement. Its easy to follow. I like the style of the vocal. I find myself dancing in my seat. Its easy to rock to and follow the melody. The piano keys are great. Its really cool to hear the rap part. It was unexpected. I really like this track."

Thank you. That was the aim.

"this song very inviting and quite refreshing . it has unique feel to it . very futuristic in ways . the effects are wonderfully played as if playing those to make something valuable show . the melody of the song is very impressive . great tuning has a nice special feel to it and and not the typical stuff you hear these days . this piece can be appreciated in a urban movie scene . also charisma on their performance . the lyrics of the song are clear and easily heard . the meaning of this piece i did not completely understand though ."

It actually has no meaning, the vocals were licensed from a well known library and the tune built around them.

"The song had a really cool beat and gave off an interesting vibe with all the electronics and robotic voices. I enjoying the music and felt it provided a strong beat that people could easily dance to. Personally, I wasn't too keen on the rap in the middle and would cut it out if it were my call. I could see this song being popular in clubs and becoming dance floor hit over time."

The rap part acted as a filler, to keep the flow going. A music is like a tonge in cheek play in the cliches that existed by the time it was made. A lot of my material is artistically humorous and sarcastic, as if not taking myself too seriously (which I don't), not all get it but there was a lot of love and dedication producing this song within the preset boundaries (which was to solely use samples from a well know soundpool, which I've licensed).

"Nice beginning. I like the wind noise. Nice transitions. Never got too boring. Kept a nice steady beat. Vocals matched the instrumentals well. Never kept one beat going for so long as to be boring. Nice small rap part."

It was a challenge keeping it progressing given that I was limited to samples from one library in particular (and also to the production software) and using it to go through what were the styles being used and abused back then.

"Very unique introduction with unusual synthesized instrumentals. I like the crazy combination of techno and rap. Also thought I heard a hint of Cameo flavor from the 80's. In short, I liked the unexpected mix of different sounds and genres."

I'm glad someone got right what I was depticing. :-)

"Very catchy tune. Wasn't sure at first if i'd like it or not, but the vocals and melody really drew me in once they started. It grew on me the more I listened to it. I'm personal not very into any type of techno sounding music, but this was a nice mixture."

Again right on the money. It was a parody, not exactly aimed at techno, but at the formulas abused at the time. But an atractive parody, putted together by a producer with classical education.

"Starts out in a nice slow electronic instrumental. Helps build up the aniticaption. I can hear the robotic voice a little bit, but mostly beeps for an intro. I really like the actual singer's voice, it should be used more. The small amount of lyrics that are used are very good. Especially the rap, I like the message."

The vocals were from a public library, which anyone can license for commercial purposes, like I did.
Those were the only vocals from that particular singer (whom I don't know). I just limited myself to'em and tryed to build a tune around it, again, using samples from that same library and a particular program aimed at home users (I did not use my DAW of choice at the time, which was Nuendo, neither any of my own custom-built sounds).

"Great sounding song. I love all of the sounds and the beeping type of sound. This makes you want to get up and dance. Parts of this song sounds familiar to me, I just can't place it. Awesome sound regardless. EDM and anything that falls into that type of category is right up my alley. Love the vocals that are in this song. I think this was made really well."

They may (and actually should) sound familiar since it's built from samples from a well known home market soundpool library. It was done to demo you can get professional results with having to sell the house or know a single music note (although I do, and I have, just not for this song in particular).

"i like the opening . it makes me think of the beach. i like the melody a lot. it is very interesting and engaging. the sound effects are cool. they remind me of electro swing a lot and i like the melody against the rhythm. this would make a great instrumental club track. i would definitely listen to this a lot and pay for the track. i like the electronic effects and the beats and melody together. it creates a cool effect and mood that i enjoy a lot and i would like to hear more. i like the rap as well, since its unexpected."

As stated above, it's a medley of all the formula cliches used in the industry at that time, and done intentionally with limited resources. But never losing site of getting an actractive, commercial and professional result.

"Early 80s sound with the electronics. Mr. Robotic vocals open. When male vocals open into lyrics, I swear I heard Billy Squire. Maybe this song traps me in the 80s. The rap rhyme is fast paced and appropriate in the transitions. This song has a lot going on and many transitions. All were done perfect and leads to a great sound. The squiggly sound is catchy. Excellent vocals, beat and exciting new sound. Lyrics are fun. Possible showcase appearance."

It did squashed a lot of cliche elements in very little time, doing it in a kind of a radio edit way just added to the challenge, in the context it was produced.

" The beginning sounds like a thunderstorm. This is a tech song with a lot of noises, sounds and vibrations. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are fun. The singer adds to the song with the upbeat tempo. The song is lively and full of spirit. You could dance or exercise to this song.""

Job done. :-)

" The introduction to this song is very cool. The sounds created by the instruments are very unique and pleasant sounding. It kind of reminds me of a video game soundtrack, or even something I would hear in space or in an alien-ish or horror movie. The robot voice is kind of cool and a good use of auto-tune. The singer's voice is a little quiet when he finally does start singing, but I kind of like that fact because he is like background noise to the music which is being showcased. This is extremely awesome and sick music! I would definitely recommend this song to friends and family and pretty much anyone. I could imagine hearing this on the radio and it being a popular hit. My friends would totally dig this! Love the beat and the totally cool sounds that are created."

I can't vouge for the auto-tune thing since I've used the sample as it was (some I added spatial effects, but again, I was intentionally limited to just one music production software intended for the home market). Just trying to prove that talent is not limited by technology, although sound may be.

The Bad

"I liked the alien and sort of technological part of this song. That part defnitley made the song instead of breaking it. I would suggest adding in more vocals in the song though just to add to more of an effect."

The production was made under a premise, using one particular sound-library and one particular program and make it sound good. Given the choice of samples I had, this was what I could come up with. Again, I underline I've plave much love in the production and being limited just took it a stop further in the appreciation one can make of it.

"Thought the song was fun. I think it would be fun to dance to but not something I would want to hear on an hourly or daily basis. Was a good song just not doing it for me. Good beat and like the speed of it."

Fun, that word describes what I was having producing it.

"The opening of this tune sounds like there is a thunder storm outside. The sounds effects are outstanding, even though I don't really like the electronic sound. There is too much in and out of the volume in the beat of the song. The tempo, though, is good. The lyrics are going by too fast and I am not able to understand them all. I think it would help to bring the volume of the keyboard down. The lead vocal does a good job fitting right in with this genre."

As for the volume, even the mixdown was confined to the technology within the home oriented package used to produce it. The lyrics are not mine, confinement also spread to using those particular samples instead of producing my own. It was a challenge I've enjoyed and, I have to say, it was a challenge also to transcribe the lyrics when I published to song.

The Ugly

 "This beat is very thin. Sometimes less is more, but this isn't one of those cases. This instrumental sounds entirely too amateur and elementary. I sense that they were going for an 80's synth pop sound, but they did not pull it off. Unfortunately this beat is lacking far too many elements to be seen as interesting. The only thing worse than the beat would be the rapper. There is nothing exciting about his voice, he is not rapping with enough energy, and his lyrics are paper thin. In my opinion this track is absolutely terrible and unless these guys put some more time into their craft they should probably just hang it up."

Although I would not go as far as amateur (the sample library sounds quite pro), I would not disagree on the elementary. The whole monochordic approach on the song and it's progression is an artistic parody, albeit atractive (or so I've tried) on music industry formulas. As for putting more time into my craft, one feels seriously tented to advise the same investment in getting to know the "guys" better before jumping to conclusions. Temper, temper...

"I like the clear digitized feel to the song in the beginning. But of course, and voices kind of ruin the whole song. The dinner is singing about dancing but will I can think of is video games and the 90`s. Then all of a sudden it sounds like I am listening to real or something. My boyfriend said it sounds like a super Mario brothers soundtrack that is on something. Too much inconsistency."

Actually, I'll take that last Mario Brothers part as a serious complement.

"The techno is very weird at the start. Cheap sound effects used. I think I could make this with a free program. The singing is lame at the start. Its not too bad though. He sounds like a hipster though or indie singer. Towards the middle the song gets better. Sounds sortve catchy but wont become a trending song. I dont think it will go far in the music business. Its not a premium song you would want at a music store."

I wasn't made with a free program, although I've used the free version just up to the stage of mixdown, which limited me to 8 tracks and a lot of creative bouncing. But the aim was to promote that way of working as being something that can make a musician grow and achieve very good results without knowing instruments and music theory (although I do). The singer's track is sample based, and was the foundation of the song. I didn't write the lyrics nor the melody they sing, just produced the whole song around it, again, using just one particular public sound library. The result was mostly considered so unbeliavably good I was told I should risk publishing it.

"Not to be mean or anything but I didn't like this song that much. The beats are very interesting and never heard before. It is just that how the transitions were a little bit choppy in my opinion possibly can be improved from improving transitioning. The techno beats are really great but just a bit choppy."

I limited myself to the radio edit formula, which gave me very litte time for transitions. Again, an artistic parody, with a lot of love putted into it. The software intentionally used to produce it (the aim was to promote it), at the time, had no sidechaining abilities, so I could not push and beef up the beat up as much as it's done today.

"The intro instantly lost me. Can you even classify this as music? It sounds like some 15 year old got a hold of Fruity Loops and had his way with a beat on his new MacBook. I'm very disappointed in this song, the vocalist sounds god awful and I can honestly say I hated every song I was forced to listen to this horrible song."

It was not a MacBook, but the software used was very similar to the one that nowadays they bloat in the specs. And place about a decade markup on the age. In a very selfish condemnable pleasing way, given the lack of plausible arguments, I'm actually amused you were subjected to such a hateful experience. :-D

"very robotic sounding instrumentals. lots of beeping and booping. the beat was very constant and rhythmic. i could imagine doing the robot to this song. people started rapping in the song. i think others were not so it kind of changed styles. I'm not sure how i feel about this. techno isn't really like rap so it definitely is a cross genre song. creative song but could use work refining what exactly it's trying to be."

It's just trying to be fun and not take itself too seriously.
And a lot of fun I indeed had...


So there you go, I do read the critics with a constructive approach, but judging a hot hatchback againt full blown Porsches will probably result in fairly biased results unfairly slaughtering the former.

Having said that, unless you have Porsches or better, you won't make it in the music business.
That doesn't stop you however, of having wonderful super fun underrated toys in your garage, and "Feel" says you can. And you should.

Hugs and Kisses,

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Reviews of Alvaro M. Rocha's music single Stay

You may also listen to the track at [select Stay].

And so, fire the song up and have a blast going through the good and the bad, 20 different reviews, and my reactions to them, in the non-italics text:

Tight trance/EDM song. I love the sounds that were put together to make a trippy sort of relaxing track. I also love the soft vocals used. Even though she is just talking she has a pretty, soothing voice. It's stuck in my head, so that is a good sign! I would love to own this song and hear more from this artist.

You can do so at

Throbbing synth washes kick things off in epic fashion. "Stay" we're told "don't go away". A good beat for dancing, but not much else, with some piano and electronic flourishes. This lacks the energy to keep the attention of listeners using their ears, but if you're just trying to shake your rocks off, this may be for you.

I wanted to keep it minimal so the complex chords would not be unaccessable to the more "lazy" ears and the classical piano (in a techny track) would stand out.

Good electronic instrumentation. The piano riff is nice. The vocals are very strange, but it grew on me very quickly. When the song picks up, I feel like the listener might be expecting a little more, but again, this grew on me quickly and I enjoyed the openness of the faster drum beat and the absence of vocals. Creative track.

Most people think it ends abruptly but that is exactly the message of the song, things end (actually is things change, there's a positive message behind for those more enlightened). And when you don't want them to, it always seems sudden.

This song sounds very techno yet entertaining. I really enjoyed the piano playing as well. I think I would have enjoyed it better if there wasn't a lady talking, otherwise I enjoyed the track. It's a very soft techno song.

I kinda like the lady. :-p

The spacey intro was captivating. The rhythm is easy liked and deep. The me,lady is strange and well organized. The vocals are odd and artistic. This production is club worthy. The quick rave style tempo is elegant. The harmony is experienced. And the lyrics are crafty.

Thank you.

A mesmerizing instrumental that started off with an enchanting vibe to it with the keyboard and violin tunes to it. As the narration joins in setting up the mood of the instrumental really well with her "just stay" lyrics to it. The instrumental changes to a more emotional upbeat tone with the added in keyboard which I find is stimulating and meaningful. The transition from start to finish is just beauteous. The creator of this instrumental is definitely a genius.

Who am I to differ... :-)

I really enjoy this song. It makes me feel happy and like I want to get up and dance a little, it actually made me rock my chair and move my feet. I think the sound is a bit too flooding though, it just sounds like too many sounds at one time. But besides that the beat is very catchy.

The pads are wide and big, and besides the chord progression complexity, this was one of the reasons to keep the mix kind of minimal.

The beats starts off very different in this song. The artist did a great job delivering the message. The lyrics are simple which makes me want to hear more from this artist. The chorus is strong and not complicated, I can't stop repeating it. Powerful voice behind the beat.I like the uptempo feel it has. It might be a hit.

Erm... Might? :-)

This song grabbed my attention with the first note. I enjoy the musical arrangement and the drumbeat. That was about it though. I did not like the spoken word at all. I couldn't imagine this song on the radio. Maybe at a dance club with the musical arrangement but it's definitely lacking vocally. I am not a fan of spoken word. It was worth listening to the one time to experience a musical sound I had not heard before but I can't imagine listening to this again. Perhaps if there were some singing or multiple voices.

I do have more things if you wish to give them a try. The thing here is the "shy/fragile" factor is being enhanced, and so there are not many words or a confident "singing". Otherwise the music would not end with a door slam. :-p

This song harkens back to late 90's early 2000's techno. Definitely nostalgic for former ravers. The piano is useless for the rhythm of the song though. The lyrics and voice get repetitive after awhile, the song sounds like one excessive intro. The opening beat should be the artists inspiration for the remainder of the song.

It is faithfull to early dream techno models of old, which was intentional since I'm portraying a classic woman profile feeling missplaced in the current times. I tried to keep it short and add elements progressively but if you thing is contemporany electronic dance music, it is certainly not following current structures (although it has a couple of build-and-drop moments) and it's huge sound dinamics (unusual in this genre) don't rely on air blowed bass. You could say I was traying to make classical music rapped into classical EDM. A classic... sort of. :-D

The song has a trippy, space vibe, its quite enjoyable. The mastering could use some work, it sounds like the song is not in its final version. The mixture of piano and a techno feel was a very good one. The synths could have sounded better, they had a very amateur sound. The beat did not really mix well with the other instruments. It was a bit too loud and should be softened. The song was very repetitive.

Although I can almost relate (remember, the intention was going for minimal), the work on the mastering was done by one of the best audiophile studios in the world, however, my mixing style is arguably not your typical "loud and proud" since I like my dinamics faithfully retained. It's the final version of the song. The "amateur" sounding synths are a Korg Kronos (accross-the-board undisputed top of the range synth today) and a Yamaha CS-80 (early 80's top of the range, used by Vangelis, which can set you back a hundred grand, if you are lucky to get hold of one). The beat is faithfull to the keeping the dinamics principle. so when the music gets really loud, it sounds shy, and when the music is calm, it sounds loud. It is purposefully missplaced as said above, for contrast with the classical music chord layout. To put it in artistic ways I wanted a beautiful music (the beautiful girl) to have a sort of shy/insecure/delicious fragile feminine thing to it... thus transpires in the mix process decisions too. It was made to sound like a promise of what it could be, much like the lyrics convey - what if you'd stay?

I really like how mythical and mysterious both the vocals and background music sounds. I'm enjoying the background music but wish that there were more vocals and lyrics along with it. The swishing sounds sound great and the vocals are a perfect sound for the background music.

As said above, keeping speech to a minimum was an artistic decision to enhance the characters indecision, pardon the pun.

A decent Keyboard intro with a smooth and relaxing style! the song literally encourages you to stay and not walk away! after the intro a medium tempo techno like beat continues for the remainder of the song with some dazzling effects. The vocals are minimal but good and effective for the songs structure. Give it a try as one of the lyrics says!

Yes, give a try. Stay!

Nice piano at the start,nice beat, women's voice at the start was nice as well. very peaceful nice music. Cute i'm relaxed i gave it a try & i like it!. Not much more to say about this.

What? Not much more? How dare ya? :-)

Pros: -Love the intro! Piano and arpeggios blending smoothly -Clear lyrics and easy-to-understand topic -Nice use of instrumentation and effects -Good progression of beat elements towards the end Cons: -Chords are repetitive, needs more varied chord progression -Lyrics are too simple and lacking in substance -Kicks and the beat need more impact -Needs more transitions

The whole song changes through eight chords, one per bar, whereas most dance music is monochordic (as in, they only have one chord), varying would add to it's already complex harmony and I wanted it kept simple within it's style. Kicks and beat, some think it's loud, some think it's lacking but it's there for contrast and pace, almost tongue in cheek, not to honour the EDM power-boom style but to bring a classical woman into a modern world.

The sound mix to this track is well average for stuff that is played for today and in the now music of things. The audio quality is well dynamically balanced, stable, clear with clarity and in depth. The instruments are well played professionally. The tempo beat does vary speeds quite seldom. This sounds like something you would hear in a soft core porn or something you would have to take drugs to enjoy more deeper.

I don't endorse drugs unless you're very highly developed in psychic terms. As for the soft porn remark, well, it is a song that hints of breaking up (or not beggining at all) which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole porn thing...

What a relaxing and healing performance. Would recommend it to my friends, cause I'm in love with it. Female vocal was a little distractive, but still original and very confident. Instrumental accompaniments were smooth, varied and so well-shaped.

Recommend please!

I like the way it came in with the wind chime sound and incorporated a piano. The vocals come in and sound good. It sounds like something you would hear in a art gallery. Has a lot of expression. The beat changes with a slow sound on the piano but a fast beat behind and sounds good. I like how the change was incorporated good.

So, it does change... :-)

I like the sound effects at the opening of this tune. They immediately tell you what kind of song you will be listening to. The tempo is really good, I like the constant beat in the background. It is really intriguing. The lead vocal, who is speaking through the song is good, and she is feeling her words. I really like the band on this tune. The chords that are underneath the speaking are really pretty. I like the recording quality. The lyrics are interesting in that there were not a lot of them. I am not sure what you would use this song for, except for perhaps a movie. I do like the melody line, though.

Yes, it was intended for a soundtrack, that's what I do.

Enjoyable and relaxing intro with the piano and electronic effects. The vocals aren't that appealing and distract the listener from the melody that settled in from the start. Maybe add some lyrics that are more meaningful or actually sung or a chorus, rather than a voice saying a couple of sentences. I think only Laurie Anderson managed to pull that one off successfully and it's been a while since.

Vocals are not there to appeal or reppel, they are there to convey a message (as is the rest of the music) which (the girl's message) should be pleasant but it's target (the male) is ignoring. It's that beautiful seducting stress I'm trying to convey. Laurie Anderson, that awsomeness of talent, curiously enough, never crossed my mind while producing the song. For those more elevated the song actually portrays the unconscious mind acting out of love and the conscious mind rejecting to aknowledge it's existence. Too deep, I know... :-)

The piano at the start sounds sweet. I also like the synth too. I like the sexy voice of the girl. The piano melody sounds real nice. The added sounds as the song progressed is great. This has a romantic feel that I like. Also it is danceable.

Romance and dance, and perhaps summer sunset lounges, exactly what I was going for on the surface. And it's not just the girl's voice that is sexy. :-)

And so, there you go, just showing you marketing rule #1 is so true, you can't please everyone, but I'm pleased at the reactions, they seem fair. Be sure to check out my site:
Thank you.

Hugs and Kisses,