Friday, April 18, 2014

Review of Alvaro M. Rocha's music theme Syncretism

You may also listen to the track at [select Syncretism].

Here are the reviews on Syncretism, and since, amongst the good and the bad, they are pretty unanimous and on the money - it's after all a classical orchestral style, so one can't bring in many stereotypes, empty some (what the hell os the) niche related blabla's and call it a day - even though even in this music I believe someone wonders where I'm going with it style wise!

Anyway, the reviews will go uncommented because they are rich in explanation and lift few if any artistic doubts. Some consensus seems to point that the theme is short, speculating it may be due to the fact the music was designed for a purpose. They speculate right, it's true, it was taylored to fit a (rather short but to the point progressively growing emotionally) trailer.

So, without any further ado, enjoy 20 different reviews:

"This music sounds like it was written a motion picture score .. it sounds like sountrack music done by John Williams at first but the background opera singers make it sound more like an old time orchestra .. I luv the Disney sounds .. it reminds me of Fantasia .. the music also reminds of the soundtrack to Camelot .. it's a very enchanting sounding piece .. I think it could win an Academy Award for best song from a movie."

"Perhaps Hollywood will take this one, as it clearly sounds like a sound track from an Adventure movie. This reminds me of a Julio Englisias Track. The string section is smooth with flutes and french horns. The cellos are keeping a pulse as there is the murmur of a tympani. Then a voice in the soprano range sings one note with a chorus singing what sounds like Latin. The music suddenly stops. What I explained was documentation as the music was playing. There is nothing more to write about, because they stop playing the music. I wish there was more as the track gave me a pleasant feeling."

"The slow build up of the instrumental is engaging. It set up this curious appeal to the instrumental. As it gradually goes on, the added beat of the violin and the keyboard, makes it more of an upbeat tone which is fantastic. I personally feel that the transition between these different element of beats to this instrumental is done superbly. The creator of this instrumental is creative and a genius for mashing them all up together."

"This song has a very cinematic start to it you should pitch this to Disney or something. Maybe a game also because sounds kind of action packed also i like it. Keep the nice sounds coming."

"The instrumental opening to this composition sounds as if it belongs in an animated movie or a video game. The horns in this orchestra create a mysterious vibe throughout the composition, the wood winds adding a whimsical flare allowing the imagination to drift somewhere fantastical. The chanting choir I didn't think I liked at first, but as the composition progressed I decided that the chanting choir added to the imagination of the piece, and I like it from there on out. "

"This composition was very well put together, very professional, and while I don't see this song becoming a radio hit, at least not outside of it's genre, I do believe many animation studios would love to use a musical piece such as this within a production, or possibly even a performing stage production. I loved this piece, and I give it an 9/10."

"The intro made me immediately think of disney musicals in a good way. I like the slow start, and I especially like the music after that first break. It sounds like music that might be in a Harry Potter movie or right before a battle scene. I feel like this music could serve many purposes and I really like the chorus. It made me think of Lord of the Rings as well, and I think that music like this could be really successful in any situation."

"Ohhh, I like it. It takes a while, but it builds nicely to an almost chant. Beautiful melody with little zippy trills in it. The song ebbs and flows nicely. I could listen to this for a while even not knowing what they're saying. I'm guessing this would be excellent on a soundtrack.. I would have liked to have heard more of the drum at the end interspersed throughout the song though."

"The introduction sounds like it could be the beginning of an action movie. I enjoyed the flute and quick sounds coming from it. The voices sound like a catholic choir and are a bit scary. This song definitely elicits emotions. The voices of the singers sound very melodic. They harmonize very well and the instruments compliment the voices very well."

"The intro opens with elements reminiscent of the studio credits at the beginning of a movie. The horns and harps fade into a dramatic instrumental landscape that sounds like something right out of a film soundtrack. The subtle percussion and underlying string elements give the song really nice pacing, while the choral vocals and other instruments layered over the top create an inspiring melody. All elements are well recorded and well mixed. In spite of all this, I'm not sure this song really knows what it wants to be. It is cleanly recorded and dramatic, but misses the mark on what makes an epic score epic. No part of it really lodged in my mind and made me imagine any kind of scene. All of the components for a great epic movement are here, but they haven't quite come together in the right way. The professional quality of the recording, however, suggests to me that whoever composed this is engaged with their work and on the right track. As far as commercial value, outside of landing in the score of some other medium, I can't see this song becoming particularly popular."

"Begins with a horn stab from a yet unmade Hollywood movie and continues with that theme. Breaks into a little Gregorian chant. Sounds like a movie score for sure. Has some classical elements in there. Seems like it could be used for different purposes."

"The intro feels too much like I'm sitting in a theater for the opening up a new harry potter movie. Excessively lengthy and boring. This melody would best be suited to an online game in which you're mindlessly swinging a sword at a dragon to epic battle music."

"Great opening. Catches the attention and has the listener wanting more. The added melodies continue to hold the listeners attention until the horn feature comes in to solidify my attention. The flourishes add to the mystery of the piece, and regardless of the language spoken by the vocals, it all adds to the musicality."

"This piece starts out briskly, not too much volume with a very nice, but small crescendo. The adagio really sets up choir of voices which sound rich and thick without being over bearing. The haromonies of the voices are nicely spaced and give a great texture. As these pieces (compared to pop music) start out slow, I would have like to hear as I felt at that 90 second mark the piece started to head in an interesting direction, and I would likely have given it a higher a value had I been to hear that first movement. However, still, I must give it a seven based just on what I heard."

"What an amazing orchestra! I can totally imagine this being played in a Disney movie or something! Really amazing sounds from all of the instruments and the singing. Everyone does such a wonderful job. They all go together so well, with such harmony. I would love to hear a longer version of this or hear it again. It is truly amazing."

"The instruments starting this off come off epic in a science fiction kind of way. The audio quality is well crisp and evenly balanced. The melody has hope, onward voyage with courage for the beyond and unknown. The tempo is well medium and perfect speed for this serious and epic music. The voices in the start come off very well good. This would be good for movies, soundtracks, and on NPR at times."

"Sweet and very Disney like introduction. I feel like I'm on a battleship. Nice tempo with the trumpet and flutes. Very beautiful. The vocals are deep and melodic. I love this song and it's barely started. It's very inspiring and motivational. I could listen to this song all night it's lovely.
 I love the movie effect intro it has. Sounds like I'm in a theater. I love all the theatrical effects coming in. The fast sound that quickly rises randomly. Sound like a movie that's about to have a battle. I like the sound of the vocals that come into this with a church like sound."

"Sounds like the beginning of a 20th century fox movie. This would be a good score for a sci fi flick . The orchestration is nice and the key. IT's just a little weird to add the chants with the instrument choice. It just got confusing"

"This is excellent! This sounds like something I would hear in an adventure movie I loved the orchestral arrangements and the choir everything was just really nice. It definitely gave me the mental image of exploring mountains or hills and almost gave me a Lord Of The Rings kind of feel. I love the harmony of the orchestral arrangements everything was tight."

"This is very good instrumental. It sounds like it could be on a kid movie for when they are fighting against another. This one belongs in a movie or kid show.It sounds like when they show a kid movie and they about ready to fight that where this instrumental belongs."

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