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The Psicosis of Adultery

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Adultérius Terribilis

Although not directly related to what I will address in this article, it is scientifically proven that:

a) Human beings, both male and female, are inherently bisexual and polygamous
b) Nature encourages promiscuity
c) Women with children from different fathers are healthier
d) The alpha status is coveted and respected. It is connoted with safety and propagation and implies the existence of a tribe (the social environment).

All of the above encourages a constant search for power. Unquestionable power.

Having cleared this, I will put the focus on the issue of "adultery" that has nothing to do, in esoteric and mystical terms, with fooling around (hence this introduction).


It is associated with the act of infidelity in a marriage.
Much of the neurosis related to betrayal is culturally inherited. Much of the negative connotation is associated with arguably wrong and literal interpretation of sacred texts.

In the Bible, and other similar literature, nothing is what it seems.
All of the text is an allegory and interpreted correctly by few. Besides Initiates or Adepts (something that many priests unfortunately are not), there are few who truly understand them. As I've discussed extensively in other articles , but it is important to contextualize this, when a sacred text we read the words "man" or "male", they should be read as "Will" or "Conscious". And "Woman" or "Female", should read as the "Unconscious Mind". And it is an interactive process that involves resources (pain, tribulations).

As previously postulated, when the Will (Male) inseminates the Unconscious (Female), it generates such an unequivocally result (conception / pregnancy), that is manifested in reality (Son / Child).
When the manifestation is the fruit of a non-influenced Will , the result is considered to be “firstborn”/”first creation”.

For example, inventing the computer code is a “first creation”. Then the use of the code to invent other things is the famous "Be fruitful and increase in number" that the Bible encourages. It refers to ideas, and is not creating an incentive for over-population.

The metaphor of the "slaughter the firstborn" describes essentially the end of an era / culture that was initiated by a determined defined Will that can be traced back genealogically (being that this genesis is in itself another metaphor that explains the mechanisms of the manifestation of Will, that I will not be particularly  addressing in this text).

All these above used terms are intended to describe the micro-cosmos of a human on his way of becoming divine (this means "creator" (creator of reality with the use of mental technology, aka, Magick)).

When addressing this Trinity (Will, Mind, Manifestation), in the case of the New Testament (Father + Son + Holy Spirit), we have in fact the same analogy but in a more refined way: Will, Manifestation, Manifestation Process (Unconscious Mind). It all refers to the temple (human body) and the process of evolution (Salvation), that I will probably discuss later, also in another article, (the reason I postpone some topics to future articles is not to lose the thread while the articles are being posted).

So what is Adultery anyway?

Without any further ado:

Allowing a Will ("Male") other than our own and external to us to permeate, or rather, penetrate our Unconscious Mind ("Female").

If the above condition is verified, there has been adultery in "magick" terms. It has nothing to do with sex, having an affair or playing the field (let me dare to use vulgarity).

It, ("adultery"), is also negatively connoted in Magick, because one of the objectives of evolution is precisely the free expression of our authentic being, which is impossible when we accept external suggestions that go against our will. 

This is something that happens every day, every time we see a magazine cover with the beauty of the century or the super-car of the year and "accept" that we are insufficient, or when what we believe to be our social status requires a pejorative comparison to what we think are the lower or higher classes. The process is at its pinnacle in any hierarchical context, especially if fundamentalist (cooperative enterprise, clubs, religious, military, etc.). "Adultery" is being committed and as a result, we are constantly being stoned and suffering.

Why stoning?

Sentencing to death by stoning (aka lapidation) is a metaphor of the magical result inherent to "adultery" (intrusion of an external will.) When there is something that was manifested in reality by our own unconscious but that was not the fruit of our own Will, it results in an emptiness that degenerates into inexplicable existential suffering. The so-called "selling your soul to the Devil". The feeling of being overwhelmed by circumstances (the stones that are thrown at us), while the true self is not expressed this is the price to pay for not expressing our true essence.

Given that as soon as something "enters" the Unconscious Mind (you can read about this process in previous articles) manifestation is an inevitable and irrevocable result, so "stoning" is also inevitable. "Adultery" is therefore something to avoid because it implies "condemnation."

Incidentally, when you read in the same sacred texts: "what God has joined together in heaven, let no one separate”, this is precisely stressing  that whatever the  Will implants on  the Unconscious Mind, will unequivocally be expressed and there is nothing you can do to prevent it (heaven refers to the realm of Mind, or the head (brain)).

So what about covered women?

The Quran (another collection of magnificent sacred texts) does not expressly require women to cover up. Much less to do so entirely. It is a matter of interpretation and choice.

However, the metaphor is similar. In order to encourage "modesty", the feminine (Unconscious) is encouraged to cover up (hide from the layman the secret of the mechanism thereby failing to serve less laudable purposes and ambitious) except for the eyes, hands and feet.

And precisely because the effects of the Unconscious Mind are always observed in reality (eyes because they see / know all, hands because they change things and feet because they allow to move freely in space and time) the organs/members that are not covered are no more than the visible manifestation and therefore impossible to hide.

Considering that the energy that is used in the process of manifestation - the creative energy - is an equivalent of sexual energy (sex is the perfect metaphor of creation), it is said that to "cover the Unconscious" is intended to encourage modesty in the use of this energy. It does not refer to modesty of the appetite but rather modesty in the sense of creating difficulty regarding the access of knowledge about its (unconscious mind) mechanics and technology.


This text of mine is not intended to be dogmatic or to undo literal interpretations or alternative texts.
But it is debatable for example, that  if the objective of covering the female body is designed to encourage sexual modesty, it makes little sense to expose the feet, as they are one of the most sensual parts of a woman's body.

The area of the male brain that recognizes the standard for "foot" is almost the same place as the area that arouses sexual desire, and is often confused (foot fetishism is extremely common). There are a lot of  women who do recognize this unconsciously, resulting in the very common “thing for shoes”.

Why not cover the men?

The Will (Male) has to be something obscenely visible to the Unconscious Mind (Female). The more the merrier. The clearer the content of the seed (the desire of the Will), the more the manifestation process is consistent (and therefore "Will" should not be covered). Something already addressed in previous articles.

What about the story of the woman who loses a man and has to marry the brother, till having gone through seven brothers, while not being adultery?

Will has, roughly, in mystical terms, seven main levels, from the coarser animalistic to the divine spirit.

In simplistic terms, the basics are the most powerful in trying to tame our essence but less efficient in manifestation, and the higher are the most powerful with manifestation of the expression of our essence. We tend naturally to find balance, as to climb to the maximum level requires much effort.

The forces balance in the physical part of this "reality" as is generally perceived, in the Heart (Love). The levels, from lowest to uppermost are, respectively:

1 - Animal (eating, sleeping)
2 - Sexual (reproduction, desire)
3 - Territorial (ambition, ownership)
4 - Loving (tenderness, affection, ties, family, social)
5 - Communicative (culture, beauty, art)
6 - Intellectual (creation, knowledge)
7 - Divine (spirituality, precognition, wisdom)

Therefore, as one Will "dies" (once satisfied it loses priority), the Woman (Unconscious Mind) is subject to the following level of Will (husband's brother, the male symbolized the Will above), until the seventh ("last") level. It is a metaphor of the journey of human evolution which also hides “teachings”.

The Adulteress from the Gospel

It is recognizable that all of our minds, especially in today’s society, are subject to external Wills and the distress that this causes is very visible.

This article would not be at all complete if it did not mention the episode in which Jesus avoids the death of an adulteress uttering that " He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." It is apparently a lesson in forgiveness but unfortunately this episode is full of incongruities which, I confess, made ​​me hesitate to mention it.

In this episode, to "forgive", would not have much effect as the Unconscious, once manifestation as started, it does not make any judgment (there is nothing to "forgive") and goes all the way to the end.  To say "go and sin no more" recognizes it as sin (which is convenient for men) but Jesus was not judgmental.

For a mystic, this chapter of the Bible is confusing and inconsistent. It’s not at the stage of manifestation, in this case that of magical "adultery", that you can fix anything and, therefore, the "stones" are inescapable (in the allegorical sense, and while the belief that originated the movement of Will still exists).

To Sin means "to miss the target, the destiny, to err in path" i.e., biblically, this is always correctable (to forgive means to "correct the path") and never dictates eternal damnation. But once Will has interfered with the Unconscious, no correction is possible for there is nothing incorrect except maybe that which one willed to be manifested (which it will) - it is an enforcement mechanism, not a choice. The "sin" (error) is always committed by Will and from Will so must the correction (forgiveness) arise. The Unconscious is never wrong, but expresses the "errors" correctly. If "adultery" (the Magick one) is committed, "condemnation" (manifestation of an external will) is inevitable.

Accepting external Will is often not a voluntary act and one needs a lot of training and self-awareness to realize our true essence and to use the Will in the service of our purest expression. Understand that it is a sin not in the sense of being ugly thing but because it was the result of an error. And because the effects are inevitable one is said to be "condemned" to them, because there is no forgiveness (correction) possible at this stage (manifestation). Here I would like to give a small bow to the "seven deadly sins" ...

Forgiveness is essential to avoid that bickering which conditions our Will in a negative sense. It delivers us from many mental traps (a conscious mind is Will). A woman who commits adultery and believes that this is something bad will suffer, but only because she believes it to be. It is from the belief that distress results. Belief mixed in the Unconscious that will manifest anxiety scenarios. Forgiving oneself eliminates this anxiety (and the negative external manifestation). But in terms of the Unconscious, once "entrenched", there is no turning back (there is no notion of time), at the most there are correctional re-manifestations (new beliefs) and  a processes of acceptance of the manifested that do not result in so much anxiety.

I must say, I personally feel that there are serious inconsistencies in this biblical episode, disguised as forgiveness (which is always commendable) and it was without surprise that I realized that this text does not exist at all in older versions of the Bible (Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus) and are therefore concluded that it was added later on in a somewhat clumsy way to propagate the neurosis of "adultery", to control females and to firm a patriarch chauvinistic society of insecure power hungry men  that exists today. Maybe that's why Jesus is described as "doing drawings on the ground", which, perhaps, is a clue that it was an "add on" more or less fictional ...

Kind Regards,

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